Description: In this 30 minute webinar, speaker David Liddle, will introduce you to a new approach to managing conflict at work – an approach that works and wow its radical. OK it’s not that radical, it’s called talking and listening. If talking and listening is the best and often only way to resolve a conflict at work why does it happen more often? This webinar will explain how our organisational values, our leadership behaviours, our HR policies and our organisational culture often encourage adversarial responses to conflict – you know how it works. I win you lose, I’m right your wrong and so on. It’s a battle and it’s damaging.

David was awarded his MBA with distinction having undertaken detailed research into the effectiveness of workplace mediation within two London Boroughs. Additionally, David has contributed to a book entitled Managing Conflict in the Workplace, and he has recently published a white paper called Mediation Works – available for download from:


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Taking the Grief Out of Grievances

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David Liddle

David Liddle

Chief Executive Officer, The TCM Group

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