How has leadership impacted your life? 

For these individuals, leadership has played a significant role - not only in their career but in life as a whole. Their journeys are inspiring in their own way and may help to encourage you to stay on track with your own personal development, despite the potholes and setbacks along the way.
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Jon Everett FIoL

Director and Veteran Jon shares how he has learnt from both good and bad examples of leadership in his military and commercial career, prompting him to take on leadership roles and inspire others.

Jon's Story
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Pete Fullard FIoL

Founder and CEO at Upskill People Ltd Pete Fullard shares how having a great mentor was pivotal at the start of his career; now inspiring others to learn through new approaches to skill development.

Pete's Journey
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Simon Rickman FIoL

Leadership Coach and Director of PEAK Performance & Potential Ltd, Simon shares his organisational experiences of flexible leadership, taking every opportunity to develop skills and stay ahead of the curve.

Simon's story
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Lt Col Keith Spiers FIoL

Having served 37 years in the Army Reserves (the last 12 full-time), Keith has seen his fair share of authoritarian leadership styles and explains how these experiences inspired him to lead better.

Keith's journey
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Sarah Hawke FIoL

As an introvert, Sarah has faced many obstacles in her career, such as 'imposter syndrome'... But by playing to her strengths, she has become more of a risk-taker who values courageous leadership.

Sarah's story

Patricia Brooks FIoL

As a black woman in the IT world, Patricia found it hard to fit in and felt she had to prove herself twice as much as her male counterparts. Be inspired as she explains how self-belief accelerated her career.

Patricia's journey

Roxanne Allen MIoL

Roxanne delves into the challenges she's faced as a black disabled woman & explores strategies she used to rise above them. How can you apply these lessons to overcome adversities of your own?

Roxanne's story
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Nigel Girling FIoL

From disruptive school child to world-touring musician, Nigel shares his incredible journey to becoming a chartered leader that's constantly learning and growing.

Nigel's journey
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Maxwell Wayman FIoL

Maxwell recounts his experiences with leadership, and explores how impactful it can be throughout your career.


Maxwell's Story

Damian Bridgeman FIoL

Damian shares his inspirational story through his leadership and management career, touching on the importance of sharing knowledge. 

Damian's Story
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Naomi Coleman MIoL

Naomi touches on her experience working in a male-dominated environment and explains the importance of a safe and equal environment. 

Naomi's experience

Lex Harvey-Bryn FIoL

Lex shares her inspiration that kick-started her career, and how it has driven her to appreciate the art of leadership.

Lex's leadership story

Geoff Ribbens FIoL

Retired Coach, Geoff recounts his experiences researching leadership in the 1970s, and shares some of his findings.

Geoff's findings

Frazer Lowrie FIoL

Frazer explains how his dream of becoming a Construction Project Manager evolved throughout the years, and led him to his current career path in leadership and safety.

Frazer's journey
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Rosie Mead FIoL

Rosie explains how her love for music, and interest in Dementia, inspired her to launch her not-for-profit organisation, Musica Music and Wellbeing CIC.


See Rosie's Journey

Alan Lambert FIoL

From barman to barrister, and eventually HR, Alan shares his success story and how he's picked up leadership development along the way.

Alan's journey

Giles Woodhouse FIoL

After transitioning from the military to civilian office, Giles explains how he used coaching to adjust his leadership style so he could adapt to a more diverse workplace culture. 

Read Giles' story

Rob Phayre FIoL

Rob shares his unique experience that all began in the British Army as a helicopter pilot, and ended in Africa, working for a global energy company. 

Read about Rob
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Andy Curtis FIoL

Town Clerk and Chief Executive for Newquay Town Council, Andy shares his leadership experiences from the beginning of his career.

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Michael White MIoL

Michael shares how one of his first managers inspired him with great leadership, which encouraged him to develop himself and adopt great leadership habits.

Mike's perspective
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Dr. Chris Baker FIoL

Dr Christopher shares his leadership journey and reveals where his passion for great leadership and coaching began.


Chris's journey



 Other stories from our community:

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Mary Agbesanwa

Mary Kemi delves into her career to explore what sparked her interest in leadership and how she came to be a great young leader and board trustee.

Be inspired by Mary
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Alice Stephenson

rom a young single mother at 18, with limited career options, to the Founder and CEO of a legal services provider, Alice had a tough and scary path to leadership.

See Alice's experience
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Dr Leanne Armitage MBBS

Join junior Doctor and trustee, Leanne, as she shares her story on how witnessesing a tragic event as a child inspired her to become a doctor

Dr Leanne's story

Andrew Stotter-Brooks

Etihad Aviation Group's Vice President of L&D , Andrew shares some great tips on leadership that he has learnt throughout his amazing career.

Andrew's advice
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Kirsten Levermore

From lab coat to leader: Kirsten tells us how she came to be a scientific storyteller at  BP,  alongside her successful writing and editing business.

Kirsten's story

Adrienne Gibson

Entrepreneur, Adrienne shares her first ever experiences of good leadership & how an ex boss's example shaped her own leadership style over the years.

Adrienne's journey


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Melissa Doman, M.A

Organisational Psychologist, Melissa shares how she helps companies, leaders, and individuals to constructively and realistically talk about mental health at work.

Melissa's perspective
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Jim Rees

Author, Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach, Jim tells us the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how it plays a big role within leadership.

Jim's leadership journey
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Amelia Boothman

Amelia gives her take on leadership, telling us the best ways to lead, giving examples of how becoming a great leader has positively impacted her life and personal journey.

Amelia's perspective
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Ali Oliver MBE

With a background in sport, Alison shows us how listening skills and asking for feedback are essential components of great leadership.

Alison's story
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Alison Edgar MBE

Alison explains how her career has transformed over the years. From hospitality, to sales, to public speaking - this experience led to launching her own training business and bestselling book.

Alison's Journey

Erik Meijer

'Leadership happens at every level' explains Erik, as he tells us how working with his family business gave him insight into what it takes to be a great leader, and how developing himself has benefitted his career.

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