• 22 June 2021

How to win round change sceptics and cynics

Implementing complex change can be doubly daunting amid the influence of sceptics and cynics – but an open and honest leader can win them round, explains Fiona Spillane.



  • 21 June 2023

A Leaders’ Guide To Political Engagement: What Are The Best Habits?

A good leader needs to manage political risk. But how do we start? Dr Stuart Thomson offers 7 tips to master the skill of political engagement.


  • 08 November 2022

Be Indispensable Without Overcommitting.

Are you the go-to person in the office but often overcommit to work? Find yourself in the right balance and become indispensable at work.


  • 09 August 2022

Leadership at the Edge; Reimagine Leadership with Dr Jim Hamill

Live Online Event

  • 30 May 2022

What is organisational design, and how does it support performance?

Organisational design plays a powerful role in focusing staff on short and long-term goals – if executed in a way that sustains healthy, creative tension, explains Alex Guild FInstLM.


  • 29 July 2021

Strategic doing with Ed Morrison.

Welcome to the 5th episode of Leadership at the Edge. Our regular podcast on the issues facing leadership in the weird and wonderful future that lies before us.

Leadership at the edge

  • 11 May 2021

Spotlight on Leadership & Engagement in the Construction Industry

A short insight into employee engagement in the construction industry.