• 03 November 2021

How can middle managers nurture more productive teams?

Harnessing social skills and building a detailed picture of junior reports’ strengths should be top priorities for the middle managers of today – and tomorrow – argues Birgitta Sjöstrand.



  • 06 November 2023

How inspirational storytelling helps to unlock inner genius

Storytelling enables leaders, managers and staff alike to slough off negative self-image and discover the full range of their capabilities, says transformational coach Toby Gorniak MBE.


  • 11 September 2023

Embracing Asperger's: Unleashing Strengths & Inspiring Change

Paul Griffiths shares his challenges with Asperger's and shows us how to use our strengths to bring about positive change.


  • 16 June 2023

Why change leadership must pave the way for change management

Igniting inspiration, building trust and boosting morale are all vital steps for leaders to take before the process-based implementation of change, writes Tony Kerley FIoL.


  • 19 January 2023

Leadership at the Edge; Being Future-Ready with Bronwyn Williams

Live Online Event

  • 20 September 2022

A Foundation for inspiring the doctors of tomorrow.

Inequality of opportunity is preventing entire demographics of schoolchildren from picturing a future in medicine. Leanne Armitage is on a mission to change that.


  • 09 August 2022

Leadership at the Edge; Reimagine Leadership with Dr Jim Hamill

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