• 20 January 2020

Will EHRC anti-harassment guidelines be effective?

The EHRC has unveiled detailed new guidelines for preventing harassment at work – but as the recommendations are not enshrined in law, will organisations embrace them?



  • 21 July 2021

Institute Podcasts: 21st July 2021

Weekly round-up

  • 14 January 2021

Is it envious to criticise high CEO pay?

Criticising the disparity between the UK average wage and CEO pay ignores bosses’ vital contribution to the bottom line, according to a senior figure at the Adam Smith Institute.


  • 03 September 2020

What are the ethical lessons from furlough abuse stats?

Around six million UK workers benched under the Covid-19 furlough scheme have continued to work – sometimes as a result of pressure from their bosses, according to new research.


  • 10 August 2020

Should the pandemic be an inflection point for CEO pay?

Cuts to CEO salaries during the pandemic have been largely superficial and don’t signify meaningful, long-term change, according to CIPD. What does this mean for business ethics?


  • 23 April 2020

Will leaders take advantage of Covid-19 to rush through automation?

As a think tank predicts that the Covid-19 crisis could take 6.5 million jobs out of the UK economy, reports indicate that some firms are eager to boost their robot ranks.


  • 06 February 2020

Should the gig economy be regulated to boost its efficiency?

Regulation is needed to raise efficiency within the gig economy, according to a new report. But is it legislation that gig workers require, or simply more ethical procurement practices?