• 01 December 2021

Why organisations must harness the strengths of their introverts.

Introverted staff help to bring balance to the workplace, and can often provide a valuable check on decision-making processes, argues introversion expert Carol Stewart FInstLM.



  • 17 January 2024

What are polarities – and why are they key to managing complexity?

With modern organisations pulled between multiple extremes, the skilled leader knows how to embrace the value of many contradictory states at once, says Marco Buschman.


  • 17 August 2022

Member Exclusive Event - Channel the Power of Learning to Improve Performance

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  • 09 August 2022

How to set the stage for effective performance in volunteering.

A well-managed engagement programme, regular catch-ups and strong cooperation with salaried staff encourage volunteers to give their best, says RSPB’s Alan Murray FInstLM.


  • 25 July 2022

Why trust and accountability are vital performance drivers.

While blame and micromanagement only clog up decision-making, trusting staff to make the most of their talents boosts organisational effectiveness, says Vikki Holloway FInstLM.


  • 11 July 2022

Why innovative thinking and performance go hand in hand

Thought processes designed to shake things up and introduce fresh perspectives are vital for growth, competitive advantage and survival, says lateral thinking expert Paul Sloane.


  • 27 June 2022

How to build a sustainable relationship with a problem client.

Problem clients can clog up a firm’s bandwidth and impede its performance – but there are ways and means of winning them round, writes business adviser Kevin Duncan.