We understand Authenticity to be “what lies between people”.

Our research has revealed that authentic leaders are trusted, they have integrity underpinned by lived values and they stand out because they challenge themselves and empower others to be the best they can be.

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We understand Vision to require imagination, innovation and ingenuity.

Our research has revealed that visionary leaders inspire people to action and achievement, they embrace change and constantly adapt, understand risk, link the present to the future, and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

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We understand Achievement to mean harnessing potential and enabling everyone to achieve great success.

Our research has revealed that achieving leaders are high performers, they deliver increasingly more challenging and sustainable results and they are proud of their work.

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We understand Ownership to mean being responsible and accountable.

Our research has revealed that leaders who assume ownership keep on learning, they understand the importance of reputation and create a safe environment, they stick up for their staff and are important role models.

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We understand Collaboration to mean being able to work effectively with others inside and outside the organisation.

A collaborative leader works with diverse stakeholders, understands team dynamics, accesses networks, and invests in relationships.

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