Create a customised pathway through our e-learning platform, MyLeadership.

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Customised to your requirements

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Flexible: to fit around workload

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Live conversations with leadership experts

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No written assessments

Unlock your team's potential.

MyLeadership is an award-winning, e-learning tool tailored to suit your team's skills requirements, wherever they are on their leadership journey. 
Designed around 49 components of leadership, MyLeadership combines online learning resources, with interactive guidance from Institute experts, forming the basis of your leadership development programme.
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What you get...

  • You choose the most relevant modules from the 49 components of leadership, from 49, to meet your teams' learning and development needs.
  • We create a customised pathway using these components and personalise with your company logo.
  • Your team can self-test and find out where they need support to learn and grow.
  • You set a timescale for completion or allow your team to work at their own pace.
  • You monitor individual progress through our dashboard.
  • Individuals book an online conversation with our assessor who tests their skills further.
  • Depending on the programme, individuals will either receive a certificate of achievement or digital credential upon completion.
  • There is a simple pricing structure, consisting of a set-up fee and a cost for each learner to access the pathway.



What is MyLeadership?


Your leadership development pathway could look like this.

We have designed the Aspiring Leaders Pathway, to outline how straightforward it is to design and create your own development programme. This pathway aims to build confidence and capability for those who are looking to take on more responsibility, or have recently begun their first team-leading role.
We selected 5 components of MyLeadership, out of 49, to create a simple but effective learning programme, for this group of new leaders.
  • Conversation
  • Inspiring
  • Resilience
  • Problem solving
  • Teamworking
This Pathway enhances engagement, provides the knowledge to build capability and the assessment confirms the learning, via a 15 minute virtual certifier conversation with one of our verifiers.
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Next Step?

Talk to us about designing your programme.


Integrate MyLeadership into your existing learning programme.


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Case Studies.

Discover how we have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes, on their leadership journey.

How we helped


The Future Leaders Training Programme delivered by The Institute energised me to make a commitment to life-long leadership development. I frequently refer to the tools and guides on coaching, emotional intelligence and handling difficult conversations in my day-to-day leadership of multi-national and multi-location teams working on international development. 

- Dr. Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts, Research Manager, Social Policy Development, Commonwealth Secretariat

I have been doing my job for fifteen years and thought I knew a lot about leadership and management; however, I have found new areas, some have been challenging, which I have discussed with my line manager, and I have learned a lot from the materials - thank you.

- Learner feedback on a pathway

What have I learned? A lot! Now I try to take a step back from a current situation and think about the principles I have learned on this programme. I try to consider a situation from a bird’s eye perspective. I am constantly reflecting on my management approach, and it has been a revelation.

- Anonymous learner on a programme