• 13 February 2019

Is there still a place for ‘alpha’ individuals in leadership?

Mary Portas has hit out at a selection of ‘alpha’ figures at the top of the business world. Should we shut out people with alpha personality traits, or do they still have a role to play?



  • 14 July 2021

Institute Podcasts: 14th July 2021

Weekly round-up

  • 14 April 2020

What can Zoom boss show leaders about learning from mistakes?

Usage of Zoom has surged amid the Covid-19 crisis, but has highlighted serious security and privacy issues on the platform. How has founder Eric Yuan responded to these concerns?


  • 02 April 2020

Being a great colleague: Learning from Mistakes

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Leadership insights

  • 25 November 2019

Are Lloyd’s anti-bullying posters good citizenship or overreach?

As part of a wide-ranging effort to drive cultural change in its sector, Lloyd’s of London has put anti-bullying and anti-harassment posters in pubs and bars around its premises.


  • 21 November 2019

Why leaders’ approach to values is as crucial as the values themselves

Gaming company Blizzard’s treatment of a star gamer has sparked a controversy over values, with employees and users alike signalling their outrage. What are the lessons?


  • 07 November 2019

What does WeWork strife tell leaders about governance?

Governance issues at office-sharing firm WeWork have cost its investor $4.6bn. What must leaders learn from how the once hotly tipped company landed its backer in trouble?