• 30 March 2022

Forget the crystal ball! Develop organisational resilience instead.

We can’t predict the future – instead, we can build resilience and the ability to adapt better for change.



  • 28 June 2024

Military Leadership with Liz ‘Chinook Chick’ McConaghy.

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Leadership at the edge

  • 26 April 2024

How The Commonwealth Secretariat harnesses L&D for execution excellence.

Project management skills, a strategic mindset and resilience are vital for helping this complex organisation deliver results for its member countries, writes Deepti Pelluri.


  • 26 June 2023

Why it’s important to challenge the status quo

Refusing to take the status quo for granted is vital for honing organisational effectiveness, says Moun Idriss – a specialist in developing human skills in the hospitality sector.


  • 23 January 2023

How is corporate security evolving to manage a VUCA world?

Global security programmes for multinationals are shifting from a traditional, prohibitive model to a more enabling style that hinges on respect for local cultures, says Rob Phayre.


  • 03 January 2023

How should leaders structure organisations for resilience?

Resilience stems from striking a healthy balance between flexibility and consistency, while empowering your staff to make decisions, says transformation expert, Esmee Arends.


  • 31 October 2022

How mentorship provides shelter at a time of conflict.

Lidiia Litvinova was running personal development courses for young people in Ukraine – but their emphasis quickly changed with the outbreak of war, she explains.