• 26 August 2021

Critical Thinking with Giedre Vasiliauskaite.

Welcome to the 6th episode of Leadership at the Edge. Our regular podcast on the issues facing leadership in the weird and wonderful future that lies before us.

Leadership at the edge


  • 14 May 2024

Why global leaders must harness the power of focus.

By shaking off inner and outer distractions, leaders can add clarity to their decision-making and reconnect with the core purpose of their organisation, says Christina Bengtsson.


  • 08 November 2022

Be Indispensable Without Overcommitting.

Are you the go-to person in the office but often overcommit to work? Find yourself in the right balance and become indispensable at work.


  • 12 July 2022

The Human Imperative: How to Manage Risk and Build Resilience in a World of Flux


  • 09 July 2020

How should leaders adapt decision-making as lockdown gives way to restart?

The restart phase of the pandemic could be even more challenging for UK enterprises than lockdown, warns a new report. What should be shaping leaders’ decisions at this time?


  • 12 December 2019

How does a founder know it’s the right time to hand over the reins?

Google founders and tech legends Larry Page and Sergey Brin have stepped back from their leadership roles at the firm. How does a founder know that it’s time to pass the baton?


  • 09 December 2019

Which leadership approaches win a company admiration?

Fast-food brand Greggs has won the coveted overall award in Management Today’s 2019 Most Admired Companies list. How has it achieved such an impressive result?