• 03 August 2021

How to manage impostor syndrome in the recovery.

Asking leaders to coach their younger selves has led coaching experts Dr Phil Renshaw and Dr Jenny Robinson to uncover fascinating insights on the workings of impostor syndrome. Here, they explain how the problem arises – and how managing it will help leaders tackle the recovery.



  • 24 February 2021

Presenting online – making an impact


  • 20 January 2021

Career changing in difficult times


  • 28 September 2020

Introducing Personal Brand


  • 28 January 2020

Happy in your job? Thank your colleagues!

Press Release

Press Release

  • 16 December 2019

How can leaders surmount an authenticity disconnect?

It’s not enough for leaders to feel that they are being authentic, according to new research – it’s just as important for them to ensure that colleagues actually see them as authentic


  • 31 October 2019

Why leaders must bust work-related ghosting

Applicants and recruiters alike are being increasingly spooked by the phenomenon of work-related ghosting. The Institute’s Kate Cooper explains why the problem is a leadership issue.