• 24 October 2019

Why leaders must develop a passion for compassion

Benevolent and paternalistic leadership styles almost always have positive impacts upon employees’ job performance, according to new research from Binghamton University.



  • 06 November 2023

How inspirational storytelling helps to unlock inner genius

Storytelling enables leaders, managers and staff alike to slough off negative self-image and discover the full range of their capabilities, says transformational coach Toby Gorniak MBE.


  • 03 January 2023

How should leaders structure organisations for resilience?

Resilience stems from striking a healthy balance between flexibility and consistency, while empowering your staff to make decisions, says transformation expert, Esmee Arends.


  • 31 October 2022

How mentorship provides shelter at a time of conflict.

Lidiia Litvinova was running personal development courses for young people in Ukraine – but their emphasis quickly changed with the outbreak of war, she explains.


  • 24 November 2021

"How to re-invent leadership by empowerment" (Finland)


  • 04 May 2021
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Spotlight on Accountability

"Without accountability, the ability to manage doesn’t exist. Great management is holding yourself and those around you accountable to deliver results." Glenn LLopis (2012)

Going Further

  • 04 May 2021
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Spotlight on Authority

"Authority is the right of subordinates to take action or make decisions that the manager would otherwise have done." Laurie J. Mullins (2007)

Going Further