• 04 February 2021

What does this ideas study tell us about managing creativity?

In any creative process, says new research, the best ideas arrive later in the game – not with the first spark of inspiration. How does that message fit with everyday business pressures?



  • 27 March 2024

Why leaders must be far more intentional in the hybrid world.

Saying what you mean and emphasising good intentions are the most effective ways for leaders to nurture trust and creativity in hybrid working, writes Birgitta Sjöstrand.


  • 19 June 2020

After Covid-19: invisible work - making it visible, with John Howkins

Our Webinar Highlights Podcast

Leadership insights

  • 14 April 2020

Staying healthy at work: Creativity

Our Webinar Highlights Podcast

Leadership insights

  • 03 February 2020

Can brainstorming sessions actually get in the way of good ideas?

Almost 80% of creatives decide on their own whether or not ideas are any good, according to research from WeTransfer. Does this mean the brainstorming process is redundant?


  • 19 December 2019

Is it okay to give staff ‘hangover days’?

A UK marketing agency gives its employees so-called ‘hangover days’, enabling them to work remotely while bouncing back from long nights out. Is this a wise HR policy?


  • 19 September 2019

What are the ethics of side hustles?

Almost half of people in their twenties have a side hustle, according to new research. How should employers and staff manage the related issues of commitment and availability?