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The New Year marks the end of our 75th anniversary and with 2023 fast approaching, we’ve taken the time to reflect on what The Institute has achieved this year. 

In our 2021 Annual Survey, our members told us they wanted to see a stronger sense of community, more mentoring and career-building tools. Since then, we’ve established our community forum, The Hub, we’re about to launch our My Mentoring platform, as well as introducing our exclusive Member-only events

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – we’ve worked on some exciting projects this year and have found new and interesting ways to improve our offering to our members and strengthen our community of leaders worldwide. 

Our community now exceeds 50,000, and we’ve welcomed  101 new Fellows since the start of 2022, highlighting the number of experienced leaders in our community that are willing to give back. Many of our Fellows have already expressed an interest in our upcoming My Mentoring platform, which focuses on providing mentoring to our members.

We’re pleased to see that our members are engaged with their learning journeys and are actively working towards becoming better leaders, with over 44,500 MyLeadership assessments completed, and 133,500 hours spent on CPD with The Institute.  We've also seen more organisations taking an active interest in leadership development, with 9,100 new learners registered across both our Institute Approved and Pathway programmes, and we've awarded over 5,500 certificates to global businesses who completed their programmes.

We’ve supported our unemployed members and those looking to change careers, with an upgrade of the My Careers platform, providing over 5000 extra learning resources, and up to 33% improvement in our member’s CVs

The Institute has also been working closely with our community to publish great quality content.  We’ve worked with 24 leaders to produce blogs, 25 leaders to create Inspirational Stories, and collaborated with 11 expert speakers on our podcast series, Leadership at the Edge. We’ve also welcomed 5,739 new LinkedIn followers this year, who have been inspired to become better leaders.

With  2023 fast approaching, we’re looking forward to working on new projects and improving our offering even further. Some things you can expect to see are the launch of some noteworthy research from our new Military Transition Forum, the My Mentoring platform, the launch of ILW23, and supporting young leaders through our partnerships.

“The end of a year is always a moment for reflection on what has gone before and what is to come. When that moment marks the watershed of 75 years, the reflections can go very deep.” (says The Institute’s CEO, John Mark Williams) “As we come to the end of The Institute’s 75th Anniversary Year, we do indeed look back at a journey stretching beyond recollection and into history, with some pride at that longevity and at our ever-growing community.”

“Yet we look also – and perhaps more so – forwards towards the next 75 years. We have no idea what they will bring, other than unfathomable change and challenge, and we welcome that with open arms. The essence of leadership and the foundation of our faith in a positive future is embodied in the Institute’s 5 Values: Authenticity, Vision, Ownership, Collaboration and Achievement.”

“We embark upon the coming seasons with those 5 Values held firmly in the minds and hearts of our Trustees, our Team, and our Community. Thank you for your heart-warming company and lasting commitment during the last 75 years, everybody – walk with us now, confidently, over the threshold into our Future.”

With all that we’ve achieved, we’d like to thank our community for their hard work and contributions over the past year. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Here’s to inspiring great leadership in 2023 and beyond.

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