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We’re taking a step forward toward a clearer future, as The Institute of Leadership.

The world is changing, and nowhere is this more evident than in the arena of leadership. The time is right for us to have a new voice, with a new message and direction. For 75 years, your Institute has studied and shared the principles and practices of great leadership. Now, as we step into the next chapter of The Institute’s history, we are adding a texture of modernity to our mantle of tradition. We become The Institute of Leadership.

New name, same institute.

We are proud to move forward with our new name, but our commitment to our community remains as strong as it always has been. We continue to be the professional body trusted by members, clients and partners across the world.

You’ll see that we still look the same (even our logo looks familiar) and our brand values – Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration – stay unchanged. If you want to shorten our name, you can use “IoL”, and you’ll see those characters reflected in our new post-nominal letters for professional members (AIol for Associate members, MIoL for Members, FIoL for Fellows and CIoL for Companions). 

We’re so excited to share this next chapter with you all. Together, we’ll inspire great leadership, everywhere.

If you have any questions about our change of name, you can check our FAQs or alternatively our team is available to help.

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