The research report, 'Small business: the big challenges of sustainability', in collaboration with WE-LEAD at the University of Birmingham and University of York creates practical guidance for SMEs on the critical success factors for small business sustainability in challenging times.  The new report also includes advice from business leaders, discussing their own experiences and how they overcame these challenges.

The exceptional challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic are having a significant impact on SMEs’ capability to maintain ‘business as usual’. The OECD (2020) reports that there is a serious risk of over 50% of SMEs across the world not surviving and 63% of UK SMEs report a moderate to high/severe threat.

Kate Cooper, former Head of Research, Policy and Standards at The Institute of Leadership said: “As we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, the next few months and years are likely to be very tough for many small firms and this free guidance could really make a difference. Sharing the experiences of successful small and micro businesses will support future leaders in navigating avoidable failures and sustain their businesses, contributing to the economic recovery.”

Develop your teams leadership skills with a learning pathway, tailored to SME’s.