Over a fifth of leaders rarely or never inspire trust in their colleagues. Our latest research also suggests that over a quarter of leaders are judged to use their position for personal gain and nearly half show favouritism in the workplace. Additionally, almost half allowed their mood to dictate the climate of the workplace.

Report findings

  • 50% of leaders allow their mood to dictate the climate of the workplace
  • 40% show favouritism in the workplace 
  • 26% don't seek to build trust with colleagues


This new research has shown how closely leaders are observed by those around them and how inauthentic behaviours cannot be hidden. Great leadership is a work in progress. The starting point is self-awareness, understanding one’s values and ethical positions and ensuring they are aligned with behaviour.


The Components of Authenticity


Authentic leaders know their inner values and act in accordance with them


Authentic leaders advocate and recognise what underpins ethical decision making


Authentic leaders challenge themselves and others


Authentic leaders understand the contribution they make and the impact they have on those around them 

Aligning Values

Authentic leaders understand their values and how they align with those of the organisation


Authentic leaders understand the power of conversation and how to listen

Building Trust

Authentic leaders earn trust


Authentic leaders create a safe and enjoyable working environment


Download the full authenticity report:

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