Leadership Essentials: Learning from Mistakes

Learning from mistakes is about understanding what you did wrong and making sure that you do not do it again. Failure is emotionally charged, and getting an organisation to accept failure takes good leadership. Most leaders want to help their organisations learn from their mistakes to improve performance. The challenge, however, is to make it safe for people to admit and report errors and mistakes, and for leaders to deal positively and optimistically with them at the same time as keeping up high standards of performance. 

‘Leadership Essentials: Learning from Mistakes’ provides an overview of why learning from mistakes is essential for leadership capability and includes ‘Top Tips’ on how learning from mistakes can help you become a better leader.

The Essentials leaflet is supported by three Spotlights that look at learning from mistakes in more detail to help you improve your leadership skills:

  • Constructive Feedback
  • Blame Cultures
  • Experiential Learning

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