Leadership Essentials: Resilience

The most widely understood idea of resilience is that it is an enduring individual trait i.e., some people are born resilient, whilst others are not. Psychologists suggest that resilient individuals can bounce back from hardships, by ‘repairing’ themselves because they have innate traits that enable them to do so. Exploring this further, some developmental psychologists argue that resilient individuals can maintain a strong sense of self in spite of any adversity they may face. 

‘Leadership Essentials: Resilience’ provides an overview of why resilience is essential for leadership capability and includes ‘Top Tips’ on how resilience can help you become a better leader.

The Essentials leaflet is supported by three Spotlights that look at aspects of resilience in more detail to help you improve your leadership skills:

  • Grit
  • Crisis Management
  • Growth Mindset

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