Leadership at the Edge; John Mark Williams in Conversation with Bronwyn Williams

Being Future-Ready with Bronwyn Williams.
Every month, the Institute of Leadership & Management's CEO, John Mark Williams, is joined by senior leaders from around the world to discuss their real-life experiences of everyday leadership practice, challenge outdated leadership practices and offer a fresh take on the issues that today's leaders face.

On this live episode of Leadership at the edge, the Institute of Leadership & Management’s CEO, John Mark Williams, joined by futurist, economist and business trend analyst, Bronwyn Williams, explore:
  • The choosing not to choose mindset,
  • Cognitive diversity, and
  • Walking backwards into the future.
We invite you to join the discussion on LinkedIn Live where you can submit questions, and share thoughts directly with both speakers.

Join the conversation on LinkedIn Live.
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Bronwyn Williams

Bronwyn Williams

Futurist, economist and business trend analyst

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