Institute of Leadership membership provides an excellent platform to help you make the transition to a civilian career. More than 10% of our members are serving or have served in the Armed Forces, and we can help you get recognition for the skills and training you have received so far.


Military Rank Equivalencies

We are currently reviewing military ranks and how they map to membership grades. So, if you have any questions, please contact the team on +44(0) 1543 266886 or [email protected]


The Institute of Leadership recognises military ranks and has mapped them to membership grades, according to levels of achievement, experience and qualifications.
We have also mapped military training courses to City & Guilds / ILM qualifications. This means that, if you don’t have formal management-related qualifications, you can still join The Institute, at a membership grade that recognises your achievements and/or military training.

Community Member

  • Open to all current and previous ranks
  • Level 2 qualification/equivalent military training and newly appointed managers
  • Fees: £100 per annum 

Associate Member (AIoL)

  • Current or previous ranks - Leading Hand; Corporal; Lance Corporal; Senior Aircraftman; Sub Lieutenant; Lieutenant; Flying Officer
  • Level 3 qualification/degree equivalent military training and 5 years as JNCO or on entering commissioned service (post IOT)
  • Fees: £140 per annum 

Member (MIoL)

  • Current or previous ranks - Petty Officer; Sergeant (Army/RAF/RM); Chief Petty Officer; Colour Sergeant; Staff Sergeant; Flight Sergeant; Chief Technician;  Warrant Officer (W02) Lieutenant; Captain (Army/RM); Flight Lieutenant; Lieutenant Commander; Major; Squadron Leaders
  • Level 6 qualification/equivalent military training and 5 years as SNCO or commissioned service
  • Fees: £140 per annum 

Fellow (FIoL)

  • Current or previous ranks - Warrant Officer (WO1 or equivalent), Commander, Lieutenant Colonel, Wing Commander and all ranks above
  • Level 7 qualification and/or equivalent military leadership & management training and 5 years in rank and approval of Institute Fellowship Panel
  • Fees: £175 per annum 


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