Leadership Essentials: Aligning Values

Your personal values reflect your beliefs about the world. Those beliefs are formed by your experiences, by what drives you, by the needs you have, by what you care about and by the type of personality you have. Your values will concern what you think is good and bad, what is true and not, what is beautiful, important, beneficial, and so on. Self-knowledge, which grows from self-awareness, is fundamental to being a successful and effective leader. Knowing what your values are, and how you got them, is an essential part of self-knowledge. 

‘Leadership Essentials: Aligning Values’ provides an overview of why aligning values is essential for leadership capability and includes ‘Top Tips’ on how aligning values can help you become a better leader.

The Essentials leaflet is supported by three Spotlights that look at aligning values in more detail to help you improve your leadership skills:

  • Knowing Your Values
  • Corporate Values
  • Purpose

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