Monthly Masterclass with Tony Kerley

Saving the NHS from within - Leadership Lessons for Every Business

In this session Tony will cover the following:
  • Introduction to Contigo with case study of how we support organisations to overcome incredible challenges.
  • The Essential Principles of Leadership we use as a ROCK SOLID foundation for consistently building high-performance organisations.
  • Change Leadership versus Change Management and how we use this difference to help C-Suite step up their performance.
This event is suitable for anyone interested in leadership, especially if they want to develop the highest level of performance in their organisation. A Q&A session will follow a short presentation.


Tony Kerley

Tony Kerley

I’m passionate about performance at work. The way I make a difference is by helping individuals, teams and organisations fulfil their potential. That’s what gets me out of bed each morning. I excel at all levels too – supporting front line employees to develop fundamental communication and time management skills, middle management  to improve how well they delegate and performance manage their teams and senior management / executive level to lead with vision, confidence and empathy.
I’ve trained, coached, mentored and supported many thousands of people over the past 30 years as well as having facilitated a wide variety of strategic workshops, away days, leadership development programmes and training courses. I am a fun, likeable and warm-hearted soul in the training room which helps people quickly relax and engage with me and the course content. The outcomes of my sessions regularly exceed client expectations which is why I find myself invited back to deliver more training for so many clients. I truly believe in the power of positivity, the law of attraction and a ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ style for leading people to success.
Life experience has taught me that everyone is NOT the same.
I differentiate between the innovators, early adopters and the laggards in any training group and then I adopt the most appropriate development technique to help each of those types of people engage to improve. My sessions are lively, uplifting and memorable with a wide range of activities and exercises to bring theories to life in an experiential way. It’s not just surface level development, either!
With Level A&B qualifications from the British Psychological Institute, I am qualified to support character development using cutting edge psychometric tools. With first class training and experience in using vision-creation and strategic planning tools, to help organisations grow, I regularly get into the fine detail with them, challenging and supporting their visionary planning process to ensure it is robust and implementable.

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