Meet the Author: In conversation with Russell Beck

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Join us for our Meet the Author event where we will be in the company of author Russell Beck. We will be hearing about his book The World of Work to 2030, and discussing some of the fascinating ideas and topics covered within it.
The Meet the Author series is interactive and attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and join the conversation in a relaxed setting. Not to be missed!
Please note, there is no requirement to have read the book prior to the event.
The World of Work to 2030 by Russell Beck was published by Bloomsbury Publishing


Russell Beck

Russell Beck

Director of Inspiration

Introducing Russell Beck - Director of Inspiration, ImagineThinkDo
Russell is a leading expert on the world of work and how businesses and individuals can make themselves future-ready.  A popular keynote speaker, consultant and best-selling author, his work with leaders across multiple industries has seen him receive high praise and respect from national and international organisations.  He is passionate about helping leaders unlock the power of themselves and their people and in so doing, making ‘work’ work better for everyone.

About the Book - The World of Work to 2030

A book that helps make sense of the megatrends playing out in the world today and, as a result, how individuals can future-proof their businesses and careers.
In the context of work, consider two headlines that we face on a regular basis. Firstly, that the financial reality is few of us can afford to retire and, secondly, that robots and AI are destroying the very jobs we need to make a living. How are these two realities compatible?
At the same time, the business landscape is full of hazards, with globalization, technology, talent shortages, changing consumer choices and politics all making it harder to create and maintain success. Competitors seemingly arrive from nowhere overnight, challenging and upending our markets.
It is all up in the air, it is all happening at once and it is happening to all of us. From any perspective – personal or corporate – shouldn't we seek to understand what is happening and prepare ourselves for what is coming next?
The World of Work to 2030 is a practical book that addresses these challenges. With a timeline to enable immediate action to be taken, and backed by extensive research, it is aimed at anyone who wants to know how to navigate the commercial and personal uncertainty of the future. The book considers the megatrends playing out in the world today and then through a series of lenses it explains how businesses and individuals can future-proof themselves. Illustrated through a broad range of case studies applied to markets around the world, this is a smart examination of the future of work and how to overcome its challenges.


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